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We started giving our kids a choice for their birthdays - they can have a party or a day of anything they want to do.
Today is Clints birthday and I didnt ask him what he wanted to do. I thought about things he likes and planned the day. We started with a bike ride and breakfast picnic which also turned into a game of kickball (so fun). I hope he likes the other things we have planned.
Happy Birthday Love!

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10 pounds! I have lost 10 pounds! I am sure that doesn’t sound like much but to me that proves I can do this. I am finally in control and that feels good.

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Do you ever follow someone and love the things they write, and picture them as incredibly handsome and then they post a picture and completely ruin everything?

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You just know it’s going to be a quality book when the author actually writes ‘hells to the no’. I need better reading material.

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Hello tumblr

My life has been a little busy. I guess that is good. I have not been on tumblr much mostly because unlike most of you, I have not formed any kind of internet friendship with anyone (a few exclusions). I am ok with that.
But I miss writing. So I think I will start again. Writings of my kids, Clint, weight loss (yes I am losing!), things that make me happy, things I observe, and just of nothings.
My writing is for me, not to see how many hearts I get.

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I’ve never had ‘casual’ sex. It fascinates me. The one night stand. The booty call. All of it. 

I lack the confidence to pull such a thing off and/or I think I have been to concerned with my potential partner to plow head long into such an adventure.

I’ve always known I’m more the marrying kind…good thing I’m married.

I am unsure if this should concern me since the kids and I are out of town.

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I took Finnley to get her hair cut today. She was so cute and so sweet she left there with a free full size bottle of kid shampoo.
I think I will take her to the bank tomorrow - maybe we can leave there with a bag of free money.

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