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I’ve never had ‘casual’ sex. It fascinates me. The one night stand. The booty call. All of it. 

I lack the confidence to pull such a thing off and/or I think I have been to concerned with my potential partner to plow head long into such an adventure.

I’ve always known I’m more the marrying kind…good thing I’m married.

I am unsure if this should concern me since the kids and I are out of town.

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I took Finnley to get her hair cut today. She was so cute and so sweet she left there with a free full size bottle of kid shampoo.
I think I will take her to the bank tomorrow - maybe we can leave there with a bag of free money.

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I have started the planning of my baby turning 2. She/I will be having a Peter Pan themed party. I was looking on Amazon for books - this year no goodie take home bags full of crap - guests will take home a book. As I was searching I typed in tinkerbell and was looking at Tink books when I came across one called - Tinkerbells Talented Twat. I think that one might be a little inappropriate for a children’s party.

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Sometimes I think Clint asks for my permission to do something without really asking. I always rationalize as to why it is a good decision to do whatever it is without really giving permission. That way he feels like I am ok with it and he has no reason to feel guilty.

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I just got an email from tumblr telling me my dash had a great weekend. I am pretty sure they were referring to all of Nicky’s pictures of Jensen.

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I had someone tell me I was ‘looking good’ today. By that she meant thinner. I feel it, but I feel it as soon as I decide to only have half a pizza instead of a whole pizza (no, I am doing much better than that on eating right) but now that someone else said it - maybe I am ‘looking better’.

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I lost 2 pounds this weekend but it was the 2 pounds I had gained over the last couple of weeks so it doesn’t really count.
Its funny how the smallest weight loss makes me want to get out my ‘skinny’ clothes and try them all on cause surely they are going to fit. No. I won’t do that -yet. Maybe after I lose 10 pounds cause when you are 5’2”, 10 pounds makes a difference.

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It’s potty training time! The potty makes noises when ‘stuff’ goes in it. Finn is very excited about this. Lets hope it goes well.

It’s potty training time! The potty makes noises when ‘stuff’ goes in it. Finn is very excited about this. Lets hope it goes well.

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